Nakatsuchi. A planet not so unlike the one where humans first evolved. Perhaps the planet experiences a parallel evolution of a species extremely close to humans, to the point of nearly identical genetic structure. Or perhaps the planet is a former human colony that regressed over the years to pre-space exploration times. Regardless of its origins, the planet of Nakasuchi is a planet not too foreign to a human observer's eyes. Surely they would recognise their past selves within the inhabitants of this planet, from the endless warring to the widely separate cultures and states and the endless bickering between them that is so characteristic of the human nature, no matter the background. For those unfamiliar with humans, they may instead see a barbaric race of little creatures, fixated with their primitive technologies and hoarding invisible borders and unsustainable resources. Surely there is no hope in the modern galaxy for a race that has only just recently begun exploring their own satellite, with their space travel limited to probes of archaic design and extremely short-ranged craft.

For the planet of Nakasuchi, the year 2050 opens a new era for mankind. The last in a series of four World Wars had ended in 2023, over 25 years ago, and the resultant period of tenuous peace brought great technological advancement to the planet even as global power blocs became even more hard-set in what has become a third, multipolar Cold War. Multiple nations claim the title of global superpower, flexing military, economic and technological might as space stations dot the sky and moon colonies become the new symbol of the Second Space Race. Indeed, space exploration, and even tourism, has really picked up with the construction of viable space elevators and the cheapening of spacecraft. Yet the age-old question still remains; is humanity alone in this galaxy? For the people of Nakasuchi, the answer to this question may be as shocking as it will be destructive...

About Nakatsuchi

Note the dating system. The present year is 2020.

The Planet of Nakatsuchi is intended to be a PMT world in an FT environment. When other players are throwing lasers, interstellar warships and AIs around their star-spanning empires, Nakatsuchi will be limited to one planet roughly analogous to Earth's technology in the 2050s; or at least what Earth's technology in the 2050s is like according to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - Now Black Ops 3. In addition to video games' influence, this world is also influenced by a variety of Anime worlds and themes.

I look forward to being curbstomped repeatedly by the enemy. Rifles away. FT application name shall be United Nations of Nakatsuchi, given that this planet has 54 nations as a whole, under one unifying "civilisation".

We have our own XCOM organisation!

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  • There have been Four World Wars?

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